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We live on 3 acres of south-facing, hilly grassland at Hamurana, which is on the northern edge of Lake Rotorua. Because we both work full time in town, we wanted grazing animals that would be easy for us to manage. We settled on suri for a variety of reasons. Suri are:
  • gentle on the land, having padded feet instead of hooves
  • easy care, requiring minimal stock management compared to sheep
  • independent, with some being aloof, others being friendly
  • "paddock trained", generally pooing in one place (easy collection for garden fertilizer)
  • efficient protein converters (high quality pasture not necessary)
  • curious by nature
  • generally easy to halter train, and easy to transport
  • hardy, having few medication needs
  • beautiful and a little bit different
  • producers of exquisite lustrous fibre