Stress Reliever
  Brick Wall
  Portable Brick


      Portable brick front  

How often have you felt like banging your head against a brick wall to relieve stress?  Now you can, without harm to yourself.  This portable brick is filled with Suri tresses, (expertly grown by Andigenetix Silky Chenille at Hamurana, shorn by Mike Banks and processed by Mesa Mill), and hand assembled and sewn by local artisans.

  • Suri fibre is stronger than wool, so your head won’t wear a hole through the brick.
  • Suri fibre is hypo-allergenic, so your forehead won’t get itchy.
  • Suri fibre has excellent thermal qualities, so it will cool your fevered brow.
  • Suri fibre has great handle, so this brick can be used as a squeeze ball.

Just hold this in your hand, and bring to your forehead in times of stress or
frustration.  Alternatively, place it on a desk or hold it against the wall, and
bump it with your head.

Available now for $NZD20.00 + postage by contacting us here.